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Kenny Sung

CEO and Master Technician

As the head of operations, Kenny Sung, carefully reviews the details of every case to ensure your success. With an extensive background in cosmetic crown and bridge, he is able to work out even the most complex case situations. He has lectured extensively on dental society and laboratory communication with the emphasis on creating efficiencies through process management, Kenny founded kp28 Dental Laboratory with the mission of providing a local learning resource for clinicians and technicians alike.


1999 - 2014 Frontier Dental Lab

Master Technician & Training Manager

2015-Present kp28 Dental Laboratory

CEO and Master Technician


2015   American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Member

2005   Vident,  Da Vinci Veneer Course

2005   LVI,  Advanced Anterior Course

2004   Microstar,  Anterior Esthetics Form and Function

2000   P.A.C. ~live,  A Full Mouth Rehabilitation Course

1999   IPS Empress 2,  Advanced Education

Invited Lecturer

 2008   Vancouver Dental Technology Seminar, Canada

 2008   Chicago Dental Society Seminar

 2007   Orlando Aesthetic Dentistry Seminar, Florida

 2007   Cosmetic Dental Lab Society Seminar, Sacramento, CA

 2005   The Korean American Dental Technology Research   Group Seminar, Washington, D.C.

 2003   Midwest Dental Lab Society Seminar

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The Team

About: Team
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Joshua Sung

Account and Logistics Manager

Our management team consists of a group of professionals who work together to offer the utmost service to customers. Joshua is the account and Logistics Managet of kp28 Dental Laboratory. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies in order to help you, the Doctor, better serve your patients. Our quality control standard will help you to reduce chair time, by minimizing adjustments. Together, we strive for perfection, work through obstacles and challenges, and excel at what we do.

Behind every great dentist stands a great team of dental technicians and ceramists

We have assembled a world-class group of individuals that have surpassed the ordinary and who are extraordinary in their field.

We are able to bring each case extensive experience and consummate artistry, and most importantly, kp28 provides those noticeable little extras that take a successful case and make it even better.

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